Ark thompson

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Ark thompson

Ark Thompson was a private detective and friend of Leon S. A man with a strong sense of justice, he ark thompson an experienced user of many different types of weapons and handled them with skill. In OctoberThompson travelled to Sheena Island at the request of Kennedy in order to investigate the activities of the Umbrella Corporation. Thompson attended the same police academy as Leon S. However, upon graduating, Thompson did not become a police officer and instead decided to become a private detective. Following the Raccoon City incident, Kennedy, who had survived the incident first-hand and became a subordinate of the U.

Government, came into contact with Thompson and requested him to investigate the activities of the Umbrella Corporation on a solitary European island named "Sheena Island". While carrying out his investigation on the island, Thompson posed as Vincent Goldmanthe island's commander, to gain access to the sewers. This would however ark thompson to be a detrimental move as his investigation was being watched over by a young boy raised on the island named Lott Kleinwho subsequently reported the presence of a spy on the island to Vincent himself.

Thompson successfully infiltrated the Umbrella institution on the main street of the island and managed to destroy part of the laboratory. Ark would later come face-to-face with Goldman himself in his scorching office after the latter scattered the t-virus on the island.

Ark thompson

After narrowly escaping his clutches, Thompson attempted to retreat off of the now monster infested island via helicopter. However, Goldman's persistence led to the chopper crashing.

Ark thompson

While Thompson survived the crash, he was left with amnesia and faced with the challenge of trying to remember who he even was, mistaking himself for Goldman after discovering his stolen dog-tags on Goldman's unconscious body. Thompson then found himself to be stalked by Andy Hollandthe sewer manager, who believed him to be Goldman, all the while trying to escape from the island and protect the two children that he had encountered, Lott and Lily Klein.

This also led ark thompson into confrontations with Andy Hollandand Lott Klein's constant avoidance of him only deepened his thoughts of being the cold-blooded murderer known as Goldman he had heard and read so much about while on the island. Due to his meeting with Lott Klein, Ark's memory was restored after Lott explained the situation ark thompson the crash which caused him to lose his memory.

Burning with resolve, Thompson swore to protect the two children and escape the island. While attempting to make his escape, Thompson came face-to-face with Goldman once again, who was then slain by the Hypnos-T Type. The Hypnos stalked Thompson to the heliport before it was finally destroyed after he launched the helicopter's missiles directly into the creature.

Thompson successfully escaped the island along with the children. WilPharma Corp. Suntech Ninja Co. Suntech Samurai Co. Tenenti Inc. Profiles Civilians Police Officers S. Create new Request new password.

Ark thompson

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Ark thompson

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Ark thompson Ark thompson

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