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The big social media platforms may lead in s, but not in niches. What if you want to reach all the people who fall outside of Facebook and Twitter's one-size-fits-all approach? Look no further than Redditthe self-proclaimed "front of the internet. Reddit operates a little differently than its mainstream counterparts. For one thing, users vote on all posts—negatively as well as positively—which determines how high up they appear in new feeds. But even more unique is the feature of "subreddits," isolated sections specializing in specific niches or topics, anything from the news to clouds to news about clouds.

So how does Reddit work? To tap into this off-beat social media platform, we'll explain everything you need to know to get started with Reddit. Reddit Pricing: Reddit is free to use, and most Redditors never spend a dime there. However, users have the option to buy in-app currency, Reddit Coins, or a paid membership, Reddit Premium. Reddit Coins can be exchanged to give certain posts or comments an award to distinguish it from normal posts and comments. Marketers can use Reddit coins free use reddit promote particular posts or reward fans and followers. Reddit glossary. Find and subscribe to subreddits.

Write a post. Comment and reply to comments. Send messages and follow users. Create a subreddit. Create and share a custom feed multireddit. Although the concepts are not new to experienced netizens, Reddit uses its own terminology for many of its functions. If users like a post or comment, they click the up arrow to upvote it. If they don't like it, or feel that it does not contribute to the discussion, they click the down arrow to downvote it.

Posts with the most upvotes appear highest on feeds, while downvoted free use reddit fall to the bottom. Upvotes cancel out downvotes and vice versa, so the scores of truly controversial posts hover around zero, despite thousands of views and votes.

Hot means the post has an overwhelming of upvotes, suggesting it's well-liked. Controversial means it has a relatively equal of upvotes and downvotes.

Free use reddit

Rising means that a post is accumulating upvotes quickly even though it's new. Users are free to list posts by whatever metric they prefer. Front : The home of Reddit, or the user's main feed. Users can choose what kinds of posts they see on their front by subscribing to their favorite subreddits. Subreddit : A subreddit is a smaller community within Reddit dedicated to a particular topic or theme. All posts must be related to whatever the subreddit is about, and users can subreddits to see updates from these communities on their front. Custom Feeds Multireddit : Custom feeds are special feeds made up free use reddit whatever subreddits the user wants, like extra fronts.

The major distinction between custom feeds and a front is that custom feeds can be shared with other users, whereas your personalized front feed cannot. Your front also requires subscribing to subreddits, while custom feeds do not, in case you want to follow a community without necessarily supporting it or it showing up in your profile. Veteran redditors know this function as a "multireddit," although the company changed the official name as part of a rebranding.

Karma : Exclusive to Reddit, karma counts the accumulated of upvotes and downvotes you receive. People who produce content that's consistently upvoted earn a lot of karma points, but spammers and poor posters might have negative karma. Although there aren't many practical benefits to karma except that you need some to start your own subreddita good or bad karma may influence how other redditors view your post. Plus, some subreddits require a minimum karma to to safeguard against spammers. Users have both a Post Karma for posts, and a Comment Karma for comments.

These don't always need to be sanctioned—a particularly interesting person can explain who they are and write AMA in their post to elicit questions in the comments. Free use reddit : "Original Content. Reddit flags NSFW posts so that users can filter what kinds of posts appear on their feeds in sensitive situations. Reddit may not be as user-friendly as more mainstream social media, but it's easy once you get the hang of it. Follow the instructions below to get started, and the rest will come naturally. First, open Reddit either on the website or using the mobile app, and click Up.

Enter the address you want associated with your Redditthen click Next. You'll have to confirm thisso use one you have access to. Next, choose your username and password. With over million users on Reddit, your first choice may already be taken, so have some backups in mind. Your is now active, but there's one more optional step as part of your onboarding. Reddit gives you the chance to populate your front early with subreddit suggestions. Choose any or all that interest you, keeping in mind you can change them or add more later at any time.

Reddit starts you off already subscribed to some of the popular subreddits, so feel free to unsubscribe now if they're not your cup of tea. Click Finish when you're done. That's it! You're then taken to your customized front, already populated with the top posts from your subreddit subscriptions. Naturally, you'll want to search out new communities and explore what Reddit has to offer. From the Home dropdown menu, you can navigate your main s, including your subreddits and any custom feeds multireddits you've made.

If you want to see something new or free use reddit new communities, you can search all of Reddit using the search bar at the top. Your search will show both posts and subreddits. You can also search specific subreddits only. Just change the dropdown menu from Home to wherever you want to search.

Free use reddit

Reddit automatically updates this to whatever subreddit you're in; to return to searching the entire Reddit site instead of just the subreddit, set the menu back to Home. If you find a new subreddit that you like, you can subscribe to it and see its posts in your front feed.

All you have to do is click in the information panel on the right. Once subscribed, you can return there quickly at any time from the dropdown menu at the top. To make a new post on Reddit, you have a few options: You can either click Create Post on your front or click Free use reddit Post in the subreddit information panel. Alternatively, you can click Create Post from the dropdown menu at the top or click on the icon of a pencil and line in the upper-right of the top menu, next to your icon.

All four options lead to the same post creator. It's a pretty straightforward content editor, with clearly identified sections for text, images, videos, and external links. You also have the option to compose in Markdown if you prefer. Make sure you specify which subreddit you're posting in, if any. You select this in the upper-left corner where it says Choose a community. If you entered this from the subredditit will fill itself in automatically. All posts need at least a title and some content to be posted. Once you've completed your post, you have some additional options at the bottom: You can warn users that your post contains spoilers Spoiler or inappropriate content NSFW or mark it as Original Content OC.

You'll also see a button labeled Flair. Flair refers to secondary modifications or "mods" that administrators can add to their subreddits. For example, some flair lets you add tags or sub to your posts, while other flair lets you add extra decoration to your username, like your favorite sports team logo.

Not all subreddits offer flair options. When you're finished, click Post to publish it or Save Draft if you want to post it later. Just be sure you adhere to Reddit's Content Policywhich is pretty common sense: no illegal activity, bullying, or illegal solicitations, and always mark adult content.

One of the most appealing aspects of Reddit is the community. Free use reddit users can create very specific subreddit niches, Reddit brings like-minded users together. This is most obvious when you look in the comments section—comments are often more popular than the posts themselves. To create a comment, click anywhere on the post you want to comment on clicking on the word "Comments" takes free use reddit there directlythen type your comment into the window that says What are your thoughts?

You also have a mini text editor there to embed links or customize the typeface. When you're ready, click Comment. To reply to someone else's comment or your own, for whatever reasonclick Reply underneath the appropriate comment to open up the text editor. Type what you want to say into the window, and then click the Reply button. With all these comments and replies, often into the hundreds, it can be confusing to see which comments are responding to what. Follow the thin gray lines to the left to see which comments reply to which so you can follow the conversation.

Not the easiest to follow, but it's something. Not all conversations on Reddit are public. You can also send private messages, or PMs, to specific users. Or, if you prefer distance, you can follow individual users as you would a subreddit; then, all of their posts and comments appear in your front.

You can send PMs or subscribe to users by clicking on the person's username and going to their profile. To see all their posts and comments in your feed, click the Follow button. To send them a message, first click More Options and then Send Message. This brings up the private message window with a standard text editor.

Free use reddit

You can reply to private messages or check your ones at any time by clicking the Messages icon, shaped like an envelope, in the top-right. This is your Reddit inbox, which stores and saves your past messages. Virtually anyone can create a subreddit about anything within the confines of the Content Policywhich should clarify why Reddit is, at times, really weird. There are two requirements to start your own subreddit, however:. You must have a certain amount of positive karma. The exact is unknown it's a secret among only Reddit administratorsalthough it's understood to be around 20 or Meet those criteria, and it's simple enough to make your own subreddit.

All you have to do is click Create Community on your front, in your personal window on the right sidebar. If you don't meet the above criteria, the option is grayed out. This takes you to the subreddit creation window. If you're making a public subreddit, you want to be as descriptive as possible with your title and description. This ensures the right people find you and that everyone knows what the community is about. You may have to be creative with the title, though—Reddit doesn't allow spaces, so it has to be written as one word. You can also organize subreddit subscriptions into separatewhether for your own free use reddit use or as a service to appeal to your fans and subscribers.

First, click on the dropdown menu at the top. In the Custom Feeds section, you can add a new one by clicking the plus. This opens the Custom Feed creator window. Here, you enter the feed name and description. Again, if this is for the public, be as descriptive as possible. Click Create Custom Feed when you're ready. Your new custom feed has been created, but it's still empty. Now, you can return to whatever subreddits you want free use reddit add them to your custom feeds.

Free use reddit

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