Futa incest story

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 15th of February Report. Introduction: Deidre's wish to have sex with her little sister is answered by the futa-fairy! I did. And I really, really tried not to have these thoughts about Keily. She was my sister. Only eighteen. A year younger than me. We had grown up together.

Played together. Shared our hopes and dreams together. But the one dream I couldn't share with her was the burning ache that built in my pussy whenever she was around. For the last six months, since she turned eighteen, something had awakened in me, these coals fanned to life by her developing body.

She was becoming a woman before my eyes. And that made me so wet. She was as beautiful as a living doll, something at once both precious and innocent and graceful and sultry. When she smiled, dimples blossoming in her freckled cheeks, my heart would beat faster. When she pursed those pink lips to talk, my nipples ached, imagining them sucking on my nubs. When I watched her eat ice cream, her pink tongue licking, my pussy would flutter with jealousy. I wanted to have sex with my little sister. I was a pervert. A freak. Just being close to her was intoxicating.

She always had this fragrance around her, sweet strawberry, from her body wash. I liked to hug her just to breathe in her aroma. When I did laundry, I would inhale the fragrance wreathing her shirts. And sometimes her panties. Those carried another scent. Just as sweet, but far naughtier. It was a lacy blue pair from yesterday, her scent lingering on them.

My pussy clenched so hard as I breathed in her fragrance. I groaned, standing futa incest story the laundry room shivering like a freak. Mom answered her. I heard the clatter of pots and pans. They were preparing dinner while I sorted futa incest story laundry and started the load.

I couldn't be doing this. Not with them in the house. But they were starting dinner. I breathed again and then licked the crotch. My sister's virgin pussy touched this. I knew she was aching to finally have sex. She had confided it to me last night as we shared my bed.

She always slept in my bed, never her own. It lay empty every night on the other side of the room we had shared all our lives. She claimed she felt safe. And it drove me nuts. I wanted to masturbate so badly as she whispered to me about her desire to have sex.

To finally have her cherry popped. She was so turned on sometimes. My hand crept down my body as I licked at the crotch of her panties, tasting her sweet musk and the cotton. I shivered. I was such a bad older sister. I wasn't supposed to lust after her. I was supposed to want to be with boys, like she did. I should want a boy futa incest story pop my cherry. But after last night, I wanted to pop hers. I wanted to have my own cock so I could receive the precious gift of my sister's virginity. I squirmed my thighs together, my jean shorts rustling. I took another deep inhale of her panties.

Don't unsnap the fastener. I groaned, sliding my hand inside my shorts and panties. I had to stop this. I took another deep inhale of my sister's panties, my fingers sliding through my fiery pubic hair to find my aching pussy. I rubbed my clit, wishing it were a big cock. Then I could fuck Deidre. I would take her cherry. She would gasp and moan and love it. I rubbed my aching nub, pleasure shooting through me as I pictured the delight of sinking into her virgin cunny. I leaned against the washer machine, smearing her panties across my face.

I didn't care. My pussy felt so good. I rubbed my clit and slid my fingers up and down my virgin flesh. My slit was so tight. I bet Keily's was equally tight, adorned with her silky pubic hair. It was fiery, like mine, but darker. She had auburn hair gracing her head compared to my cinnamon curls. I pictured her small breasts jiggling as I rammed my impossible cock into her pussy. Deidre, yes, yes. I'm so glad that it's my big sister who's taking my virginity and not a dumb boy.

I didn't have a hymen—I broke mine riding my bike as a. But I knew Keily still had hers. She told me last night. The front door opened and closed. God, she tortured me every night. In my bed. Sleeping so close. I could just reach out and touch her. I rubbed faster and faster. Footsteps slapped through the house.

Futa incest story

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