Ifriends review

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Your browser does not support the audio element. Clear Queue View Queue. Share At Time:. Toggle Menu. By continuing your visit to this site, you accept the use of cookies by Google Analytics to make visits statistics. Reject Accept. List Of Episodes. View in iTunes. Reviews For iFriends. Listen To iFriends Episodes. Great Show. Love the show. By MelinaRayna. Love it! By Pressenter[]. By lilbuckaru. I can't wait to get each episode. Jake is funny and has great guests.

The talk takes wild turns and always makes you think. Best show! By Kenpofemme. Thank you Jake and the rest of the crew! A brilliant blend of comedy, news and politics. So much fun, so much truth. May Dog bless you or just piss ifriends review your leg. One of the best.

By roythesnake. Jake's show is what introduced me to the wider podcast community. He has great guests to cover for his terrible opening jokes. He then subjects those guests to one of the best produced news shows in the atheist podcast arena. I can't believe how great this is! By That'swhatIam. The other day, I blew my nose into a tissue, and the snot pattern looked just like Jake Farr Wharton.

Later the same week, I was examining some road kill. When I poked the animal's gut with my knife, it made a sound just like Ifriends review Morgan Moore laughing. I can't believe the week I'm having, can you? Sorry I didn't do this sooner. By BlueCollarHeathen. By PedantPlatypus. Skeptical as all get out. The host and a variety of guests including some "usual suspects" provide information, opinion, effluvium, and humor mixed in a ratio of Frequently the flavor is a bit like that of another podcast, but the IFS is released much more frequently and regularly.

Ifriends review

This other show starts with sax "music" played by the host. But the IFS has something other podcast don't. It's the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste it's stink and every time i listen to it; I fear that I've somehow been infected by it. Proof that People Get High. By Sunshine Souperman.

Ifriends review

It amazes me ifriends review people rate this show with five stars. Primarily, the show revolves around reading the news and having the panel make up punch lines on the fly. The skits at the start of the show have been done to death and there not very funny.

But if you like a show that sounds like people are smoking dope while sitting around a room making fun of religious news then this is the show for you. Personally, Cognitive Dissonance does this format much better. Science loving ninjas.

By OnYouLikeGlue. One of my favorite podcasts. Roughly 2 shows a week, all things religious craziness mixed with new science information mixed with different panelists adding their own style to the mix. Top notch.

A Spankin Good Time. By Mokomokosama. Great Podcast. Jake will keep you laughing along with all of his guests. Although, I only listen for the Aussie accents. I just can't get enough of them. Awesome Podcast. This is the one true podcast. The one true poad-kayst! By Ron This is my absolute favorite podcast that I have listened to. I have been listening to podcasts for hours a day for a few years now, because my job allows it. It is absolutely hilarious, and extremely informative on world news and science topics. Jake is an easily lovable host, and his guests are smart and witty.

Something about listening to intelligent people with Australian accents always brightens my ifriends review. A Hidden Jewel.

Ifriends review

By Scalding. Wow, only 76 reviews? This is an awesome podcast. Why aren't there two or three orders of magnitude more comments? Now I do have to agree with the couple of ifriends review 5 star reviews that the podcast slants anti-US. Though I have to concede that "The imaginary Friends show dot com podcast" is not biased like the aforementioned outlets. Also for the reviewer who properly proclaims that this podcast "knows nothing about US gun laws Although, an Australian skeptical podcast wouldn't be my first choice to educate myself about US gun laws.

Just my opinion. I love the humor. It's very funny when it's funny and twice as funny when it's not. Jake could read the phone book do those even exist anymore?

Ifriends review

Is it the timing or the delivery? Thanks Jake for putting the time in to make the show so good. Funny and prolific. By mrmullen. Great Podcast! By Tuckerfan. A voice of reason from Oz! Let him fill your earholes with the goo of science and reason! Brilliant mix of comedy and insightful discussion. By scottieslg.

Ifriends review

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