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Lanie Morgan was a pornstar for just one year. Her porn career began promisingly in and ended very quickly in The porn scene attracts a lot of ladies like Lanie into its clutches. Women like Lisa Ann and Sasha Grey can develop their porn careers into hugely successful businesses. However, many pornstars fall off the cum-covered wagon just like Lanie Morgan did. Who knows for sure why Lanie departed from porn so early, but I do have a theory. Now, Lanie Morgan is not your typical pornstar in looks. She is a very curvy and sexy woman.

She has enormous 38D tits that always looked amazing on film. A cracking ass that was as equally as big as her tits and a tit pussy that the men of the industry loved. My theory as to why Lanie left the porn biz so quickly has a lot to with her body. The pressures on pornstars to look a specific type of way is vast. So, perhaps Lanie Morgan was put under a lot of pressure to get her body looking some type of lanie morgan. If this theory is correct, it is a fucking shame. Lanie Morgan is a curvy, natural woman who is very attractive indeed. In her porn scenes, she portrays a real woman who happens to have sex like a crazy lady.

Her sexual skills were on point, and she looked damn fine in all of her porn work. However, pressure from the porn industry to look a certain way can always be present. Just ask Alison Tyler how much she was asked to lose a bit of weight when she started. She could have worked her magical curves and delivered some of the most excellent porn scenes in the world. Sadly, Lanie Morgan left the porn biz long before her sexual skills were at their height. Lanie might not be around any more, but she leaves behind a great porn collection that is a joy to lanie morgan in her absence.

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Lanie morgan

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