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As someone with anxiety too, it helped me a lot to track what I can and have the data in hand. I can let go of the rest of it if I have information of where I am in my cycle and if we did what we needed to with good stats Sex within days of O. I feel so much more calm this cycle reddit starlet than I did with cycle 1. Also participating here has helped a lot too. Each of us needs different things to find the calm in this jOuRnEy. I hope you can find yours!! Thank you.

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I definitely think tracking will help me. I haven't started doing that too much yet, but I ordered OPKs and will try that along with temping. I honestly think what will also help me is finding ways to keep my mind off TTC as much as possible, embracing hobbies, etc. I'm not chill lol.

Good luck with it all and know you have support here! Thank you, and good luck to you as well. It helps just knowing people are going through the same thing. I am worried it may take us a while and I don't want to announce the pregnancy until we know everything is on track. This would be the first grandchild on both sides so that adds to a pressure feeling. My MIL would constantly prod us for updates. It just feels like a private thing and we are both reserved introverts.

I take pills daily and don't notice any adverse effects. The difference is, I specifically take it between meals - either mid-afternoon or a few hours before bed the ideal time for me, since it is known to be relaxing. Since it is water soluble, not fat soluble, and highly absorbed, you don't need to take it with food. I would give the mag glycinate another chance! I tried a menstrual cup Diva Cup for the first time yesterday, and it did not end well. My poor boyfriend finally managed to get it out for me. He deserves a reddit starlet gold stars for that.

Is this normal? What was your experience like with a menstrual cup? Menstrual cups are great! However, reddit starlet take some getting used to. I recommend looking up 'folding techniques' and how to remove.

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Unfortunately, sometimes they reddit starlet get stuck up high I've noticed that it happens on low flow days when I probably didn't need a cup. After a cycle or 2, you'll be more comfortable with it all. I know I can't go back. I dont think it's too uncommon. I'm in kind of a slump right now and I'm not sure why but a migraine diet helped a lot and i also got really bad rebound headaches from excedrin, which perpetuated the reddit starlet.

I read the book "How to Heal Your Headache" and I follow that diet with some exceptions but its meant to help you find your migraine triggers. Have you heard of the migraine threshold? I don't know if I can explain it properly but some research about that can explain why a migraine diet can be helpful. I'm sorry I dont have more advice and that you're going through that. Good luck! Yeah I love to shop so all the buying stuff has been fun. My sister-in-law just had her third and was telling me last summer idk how this happened my husband and I have sex once a month.

I reminded her well they always said in sex ed it only takes one time haha.

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Ha, I felt the same way about having my period again But then when I had PMS symptoms like cramping for the first time in ages, I convinced myself I was pregnant, and then was let down when my period came a day later. Luckily no one is pressuring us to have kids but I am just imagining the joy and excitement we would get to reddit starlet with everyone and cannot wait. I so get that as we are the first married sibling on both sides and it would be the first grandchild on both sides. But some of my cousins have babies. Just imagining how happy both sets of parents would be to be first time grandparents gets me so excited.

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We're not telling them a thing as we're trying to avoid pressure. I'm on 50 mg and have been for around 6 weeks. It worked well at first, but now I am thinking I'll need to increase my dose at least a little. Or maybe I've just had a bad week and this dose will end up being fine.

If you want to increase your vitamin D levels, that dose will likely not be enough to have much effect. You should try taking at least iu daily. Consider this: reddit starlet you spend 20 minutes reddit starlet the sun, your body could produce 25, iu vitamin D in that time. So iu is barely anything. Very interesting, I read your comment thread below - have you noticed any difference on your new supplement regime with the sun time? And is that time in the sun dependent on amount of clothing? Or is it somehow light absorbed through the eyes triggering my body to create the vitamin D.

Follow on question - I have a multi that lists K but not K2, is K2 just a more bioavailable form of vitamin K? Thank you for the response. I want to give a disclaimer that I'm very much not an expert lol. To make vitamin D from sunlight, yes, you need exposed skin, and sunscreen will block this as well.

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Don't overdo it though, sunburns are no fun just a half hour is good. I am getting outside more just because it's reddit starlet and I'm out doing things. My arms etc are kept exposed, but I put sunscreen on my face. I don't count on this, as I don't get sun time every day, and I still take vitamin D.

From my understanding, K1 is from plants and not as well absorbed as K2, from fermented food and animal products. That's why K2 is thought superior. I am more concerned about taking magnesium with the Vitamin D, as I've read absorbing vitamin D can deplete your magnesium, and many people are already low in the mineral. I take just the recommended amount as magnesium glycinate.

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As far as what I've noticed, really what I can tell is that my nails are growing like crazy and my hair as well. I wish I felt a bigger difference in terms of energy levels etc, but I think it takes time for the nutrient stores to build up again and the body to heal itself. Also, it's hard to tell things like 'bones getting stronger'. I know I was deficient for a long while, so I will keep at it and hope I notice more benefits soon.

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