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The protagonist and playable character of the game. A student who received a scholarship and studies in Kumatani University which is located in Neo-Toyko. He is shy and easily makes situations awkward. As the story progresses he tries to be more forward with the girls. He is pretty buff despite not having any interest in sports, and according to a CG his hair seems to be of a shade of blue. He hates when people mock Tohoku, and can become quite defensive about that matter.

He lives in a small Japanese house which is located near the school with his housemate Erika. He also received help from a girl called Hana when he had trouble finding his way to his first class in the school. Another boy from his class named Kenji also attempted to befriend him but it seems he has ulterior motives. Nishi's housemate, who happens to be a girl. A romanceable character. A cute girl who is also shy and introverted, but it'd be a mistake to call her a pushover, because she has a short temperament and isn't afraid of insulting others.

She tends to accidentally say weird things. She has long black hair in a hime cut, purple eyes and often wears a greyish blue sweater, a light blue collared shirt beneath, teal-colored shorts and a heart-shaped necklace. After Nishi starts getting close to her she begins to have some interest in him, however denies it and tends to change the topic when Nishi starts complimenting her. She also has a part-time job re:maid erika a maid cafe which contradicts re:maid erika shy yet brash personality.

During work she uses a cute pink and white outfit. The girl who helps Nishi when he has trouble finding his first class. She is friendly and cheerful, with short light hazelnut hair, green eyes and often wears a salmon-colored jacket with a cream-colored vertical striped sweater and black pleated skirt; otherwise, she is always seen using fashionable clothes. She seems to have interests on Nishi and even asks him out for a dinner. She is a rich kid who lives with her parents. If you use the cousin cheat, her name will change to Hikari.

Her hair color will change to orange, her jacket to light blue, her sweater to white and her skirt to dark green. The boy who make friends with Nishi and invites him to go hiking. It is rumored re:maid erika he has interests on Hana but she never notices him, meanwhile Nishi got her attention when he just got into the school. It is believed that he tried to get close to Hana through Nishi. In the Hana ending, it is revealed that Kenji is killed when mauled by a bear during a hiking accident. Re-Maid Wikia Explore. Wiki Content.

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Re:maid erika

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