Ync death videos

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CAIRO — The Islamic State released a video on Sunday that appears to show fighters from its branches in southern and eastern Libya executing dozens of Ethiopian Christians, some by beheading and others by shooting. The group has now established control of Surt, and its fighters there are sporadically battling militia troops from the nearby city of Misurata. I watched hockey. During the last five minutes of ync death videos half-hour video, the video cuts back and forth between scenes in the southern desert and a beach along the coast, at one point displaying both with a split screen.

Both were filmed with the same sophisticated camera angles and editing that have distinguished other Islamic State films from indigenous Libyan videos. Masked fighters lead a row of bound captives dressed in black into the desert and then shoot each of the prisoners in the back of the head.

Another group of masked fighters le a row of prisoners in orange jumpsuits along a beach and then behe each of them with a long knife. The video shows fighters placing the severed he on the bodies lying on the sand as bloody surf washes over them. Muammar el-Qaddafi four years ago. Over the last nine months, its feuding militias and city-states have split into two main warring factions — one controls the capital, Tripoli, and the other, including the internationally recognized government, has fled to the eastern cities of Tobruk and Bayda.

In addition, Libyan banks and homes still hold ificant wealth. A spokesman for the Ethiopian government said Sunday that it could not confirm if those killed in the video were its citizens, according to news reports. Many African migrants come to oil-rich Libya seeking jobs or passage to Europe. The video released Sunday begins with about 25 minutes of scenes that appeared to have been filmed in Syria and Iraq. After reviewing the portrayal of Jesus in the Quran, a narrator briefly walks through the history of the emergence of Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism.

The video intersperses what appear to be scenes from a costume drama depicting rows of medieval Muslim soldiers marching with spears, fighting with bows and arrows, and assaulting a castle. A narrator, identified as Sheikh Abu Malik Anas al-Nashwan, says in formal Arabic that the Islamic State requires Christians living under its dominion to convert to Islam or pay jizya — the tax levied on non-Muslims living under Muslim rule in the Middle Ages. He speaks against a backdrop of lush foliage that looks more like northern Syria than anywhere in Libya, and the video shows a building and van used by the Islamic State to handle such payments in a town in the Syrian province of Aleppo.

The narrator repeatedly uses a derogatory term for Christians that is something like calling them Nazarenes. Yet much of the video is devoted to testimonials from people speaking Arabic with Syrian or perhaps Iraqi accents who say they are Christians living happily under the Islamic State in Aleppo, Raqqa and elsewhere.

All say that they live freely after paying the tax; it is impossible to know how much coercion they may have felt at the time. At one point, the video includes a scene of what appear to be two Islamic State fighters lecturing a schoolroom full of adult Christians on the virtues of Islam. A rifle leans against the wall behind them. For those who refuse to convert or pay the tax, the narrator promises death and destruction, and scenes of Islamic State fighters desecrating the churches ync death videos Mosul illustrate the threat. A short scene depicts ync death videos appear to be African migrants converting to Islam and then being hugged by Islamic State fighters.

After that, the video cuts to the far longer processional scenes depicting rows of African migrants escorted through the desert and along the beach.

Ync death videos

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